Evidence and Property Custodian III (2023)

Employment Opportunity

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles, California

Salary: $51,630.72 - $71,501.52 Annually

Final Filing Date: June 6, 2023

Takes custody of property, clothing, and physical evidence held for investigation at a Sheriff's facility and maintains the chain of evidence.

Positions allocable to this class are assigned to an appropriate Sheriff's facility and typically report to a Supervising Evidence and Property Custodian, Sheriff, Lieutenant, or his/her designee. Incumbents may function as a senior-level resource specialist and provide technical direction to less experienced Evidence and Property Custodians. Incumbents are responsible for ensuring that physical evidence and other property seized or found are protected from loss or damage and that the chain of evidence and property records are properly maintained. Incumbents are also responsible for the release, destruction, or disposal of seized or found items as required by law, court order, or Departmental policy and guidelines. Incumbents may function as a lead to a shift of Evidence and Property Custodians assigned to a custody facility. Incumbents must be capable of driving a pick-up truck and/or, on occasion, driving a larger truck to pick-up evidence or other property from various Sheriff's and inter-agency facilities or crime scenes for transport to an appropriate Sheriff's facility. Incumbents also operate and ensure maintenance of unit vehicles and equipment such as trucks and forklifts. Incumbents must exercise knowledge of Departmental policies and guidelines, applicable laws, and statutes, governing the storage, safekeeping, and releasing of criminal evidence and other property. Incumbents are required to exercise advanced computer data entry skills as well as an advanced working knowledge of automated accountability and property tracking systems. Positions allocable to Evidence and Property Custodian III, Sheriff classification are distinguished from positions of the Evidence and Property Custodian II, Sheriff by their continual responsibility for contact with large amounts of cash and contraband, such as narcotics, firearms, other booked property of extremely high value or sensitivity.

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Essential Job Functions

  • Collects and issues receipts for evidence and property; validates incoming property control records according to protocol for accuracy and completeness.
  • Performs pre-inspection audits of station records for compliance with Departmental policy and evidence and property legal requirements; participates in periodic unit inventories and audits of evidence and other property items.
  • Provides technical direction to other Evidence and Property staff and/or clerical support staff, volunteers, or inmate trustees assigned to the evidence and other property operations; may oversee and direct the work of lower-level station Evidence and Property Custodians related to property control records, evidence and property packaging, organizing, and transferring to an appropriate Sheriff's facility.
  • Responds to crime scenes on a 24 hour/7day basis to pick up evidence from raids, warrant searches, and other Department-related field activities.
  • Lists, catalogues, shelves, stores and records the location of evidence and other property held by the Sheriff's Department; keeps inventory on vehicles impounded by the Department, with the exception of narcotics-related forfeitures; arranges for the release, sale, or destruction of vehicles; reconciles Departmental records related to storage fees and auction proceeds.
  • Makes routine pick-ups and deliveries of laboratory evidence at various Sheriff's stations and inter-agency offices, and transports to an appropriate Sheriff's facility.
  • Retrieves property from storage and releases to authorized persons.
  • Researches and monitors publications for the introduction of new narcotics and their safe and proper handling.
  • Prepares evidence for viewing, identifying, fingerprinting, or photographing.
  • Tags and records items for auction; prepares lists of property items for auction, including descriptions and serial numbers, and separates and processes disposable property.
  • Locates, removes from storage, disposes of, and/or arranges for the disposal of gambling devices, alcoholic beverages, dangerous or hazardous chemicals/materials, electronic waste, and other property, as prescribed by law.
  • Processes all weapons for disposal, including those from outside agencies, for return to owner, Departmental use, or destruction; obtains computer checks of weaponry disposition.
  • Processes narcotics for disposal, including those from outside agencies.
  • Identifies, catalogues and prepares high value items such as jewelry, antiques, or collector's items for auction.
  • Completes data entry tasks by utilizing a computer tracking system indicating receipt, inventory, disposition, and/or release information relative to evidence and other property at the station level.
  • Verifies evidence storage freezers maintain required temperature; reports any variations to a supervisor.
  • Answers telephones and provides information pertaining to the booking and processing of evidence and other property, availability for release, dispositions, locations, police auctions, and other questions relating to these items.
  • Compiles and submits a variety of statistical reports and summaries relative to the maintenance of the evidence and other property.
  • Testifies in court, as required.
  • Acts as a supervisor when a supervisor or lead is not present, as required.

Earn a Degree in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science, Computer Forensics or Forensic Psychology



  • OPTION I: Two years of experience involving storekeeping; stock, property or warehouse inventory, and inventory maintenance.
  • OPTION II: One year of experience as an Evidence and Property Custodian II, Sheriff in the service of the County of Los Angeles.*


  • A valid California Class C Driver License is required to perform job-related essential functions. A valid California Class B Divers License may be required for appoints to some positions in this class. Candidates offered these positions would be required to show proof of a driver license prior to appointment.
  • Out-of-state applicants must have a valid license from the state in which they reside at the time of filing. Out-of-state applicants will be required to obtain a California Class C Driver License prior to appointment.
  • LICENSE INFORMATION: Successful applicants for this position will be required to obtain a copy of his/her driving record from the California State Department of Motor Vehicles before being appointed. A copy of your driving record must be presented at the time of your appointment. License must not be suspended, restricted or revoked. AN APPLICANT WHOSE DRIVING RECORD SHOWS THREE (3) OR MORE MOVING VIOLATIONS WITHIN THE LAST YEAR WILL NOT BE APPOINTED.


  • Physical Class III - Moderate: This class requires that the incumbent stand or walk most of the time with bending, stooping, squatting, twisting, reaching, working on irregular surfaces, occasional lifting of objects weighing over 25 pounds, and frequent lifting of 10-25 pounds.

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    Earn a Degree in Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Science, Computer Forensics or Forensic Psychology

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Posted: May 17, 2023

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