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With over 500 colleges, Bengaluru (or Bangalore) is a major attraction for students not just within Karnataka but also from other parts of the country. Add to this population, the influx of migrants consisting of single working professionals. And this creates a sizable demand for paying guest accommodations in Bangalore. If you are one of them, this is what you need to know about paying guest (PG) in Bangalore.

Top 5 PG locations in Bangalore

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1. Whitefield

Owing to the availability of employment centres in this micro-market, such as the International Tech Park, EPIP Zone, GR Tech Park and Sigma Tech Park, Whitefield houses several PGs for working professionals. The upcoming Purple Metro Line is likely to strengthen the rental market further, although lack of this infrastructure has not stopped lakhs of students and working professionals to consider the location, despite heavy traffic congestion.

PG hotspots in Whitefield

Top paying guest (PG) locations in Bangalore | Housing News (1)


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PG rentals in Whitefield

Depending on the exact location and amenities available, the cost of renting a PG in Whitefield will be anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 20,000 per month. PGs are available for both, boys and girls.

Check out all PGs in Whitefield.

2. HSR Layout

Despite the traffic congestion, HSR Layout attracts students and professionals alike. The locality’s proximity to educational and commercial establishments, is one of the primary drivers. The area is also well-established, with easy access to parks, civic amenities and a relatively better liveability quotient than most other locations.

HSR Layout is best suited for those working in the IT corridors in Silkboard, Marathalli, Koramangala, Sarjapur Road and Hosur Road. RMZ Eco space, Salarpuria Softzone, Global Technology Park, Embassy Tech Village are some of the prominent business parks.

PG hotspots in HSR Layout

Top paying guest (PG) locations in Bangalore | Housing News (2)


PG rentals in HSR Layout

PG rentals start at Rs 3,700 to Rs 20,000 per bed, per month. The rent varies, depending upon the amenities, location potential, type of accommodation (whether private or sharing), etc.

Check out a list of PGs in HSR Layout.

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3. Koramangala

With premium and high-end apartments, builder floors and villas, Koramangala in south-east Bengaluru is a popular residential-cum-commercial location. It is popular among all types of residents – families, students and working professionals – thanks to its proximity to the business parks at Electronic City, Whitefield and ORR.

PG hotspots in Koramangala

Top paying guest (PG) locations in Bangalore | Housing News (3)


PG rentals in Koramangala

The minimum you would be paying for a PG in Koramangala is Rs 4,500 per bed. Rents may go up to Rs 20,000 per bed, depending on whether the PG is offering facilities such as cooked meals and provision for furniture, maintenance, housekeeping staff, etc.

4. JP Nagar

Be it commercial spaces or IT offices such as Capgemini, Qualcomm, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Siemens, etc., all these generate demand for PG properties in JP Nagar. The locality is also strategically located near popular residential areas such as Jayanagar, Banashankari, Bannerghatta Road and BTM Layout, which makes it easier for those employed in these areas to settle down in JP Nagar.

PG hotspots in JP Nagar

Top paying guest (PG) locations in Bangalore | Housing News (4)


PG rentals in JP Nagar

As per listings on, PG rents can vary between Rs 2,500 and Rs 12,000 per bed, per month. There could be cases where you can pay more for added services.

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5. Electronic City Phase 1

A prominent job market, Electronic City, Electronic City Phase I and II are popular among working professionals. The area has traffic issues during peak hours but is well-connected with Hosur Road, Electronic City flyover and NICE Ring Road, thereby, offering residents a walk-to-work experience, as well as hangout areas for impromptu plans. Note that this area is in the outskirts and while there are plenty of PG accommodations available, make sure you have access to outlets for daily needs, leisure facilities, etc., of your choice.

PG hotspots in Electronic City

Top paying guest (PG) locations in Bangalore | Housing News (5)


PG rentals in Electronic City Phase 1

There are a number of PG options between Rs 3,500-14,000 per bed, per month. Rents will be dependent on the facilities provided to residents, the exact location of the property, whether the resident will require food and other facilities, such as laundry, housekeeping, etc.

Check out PGs in Electronic City

Things to know before you move into a PG in Bengaluru

  • Most PG properties have curfew timings for all residents. The timing is decided, depending on whether the property is occupied mostly by students or working professionals.
  • Not all PG properties provide food facilities. In case you are looking out for the same, check with the property manager.
  • Most PG property owners will not allow drinking, smoking or partying within the premises. Check the restrictions imposed on residents.
  • Different PGs have different rules concerning security deposit. Some may ask for a month’s rent as deposit, while some others may ask for three to six months’ rent as security deposit. Check before you move in.
  • Check for the safety and security within the PG. Usually PGs for women have better security features but with branded co-living properties available, everyone has a good chance to settle for the best PG in Bangalore.
  • Depending on the rent per bed or per room, the PG may offer various facilities and services. Check for the ones you wish to avail of or pay extra for – refrigerator, TV, attached bathroom, washing machine, microwave, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, water supply, lift, CCTV, security, etc.

COVID-19 advisory for PG residents in Bangalore

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has circulated the following information that needs to be strictly adhered:

  1. In case the PG resident’s college has declared holidays, in view of Coronavirus, the resident is allowed to go home.
  2. In case the resident plans to stay back, he/she must follow hygiene practices as mandated.
  3. PG owners, managers and wardens will be mandatorily required to ensure cleanliness in the premises.
  4. Rooms should not be overcrowded. Only two occupants per room are allowed.
  5. PG owners cannot evict any resident forcibly.
  6. Spread of Coronavirus due to non-compliance will result in action against the PG owner.


Does offer branded paying guest accommodations?

Yes, has over half-a-million listings and has collaborated with exclusive co-living partners, such as Zolo and CoHo.

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What are the different kinds of rooms available in a co-living property?

Most PGs offer private rooms or rooms on sharing-basis such as a double, triple or even four-sharing rooms. Depending upon the privacy and convenience, the rents will vary.

Which are the top PG locations in Bangalore?

Some of the top PG locations in Bengaluru include Whitefield, HSR Layout, Koramamgala, JP Nagar and Electronic City.

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